Diane Leache

One to One and

Group Matwork 2017

Being brand new to Pilates I definitely made the right decision choosing Zoe.  I had 2 one to one sessions followed by some classes and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  Zoe explains the moves really clearly so that you become aware of how your body is moving and can react accordingly.  And she makes the classes fun, we laugh a lot! I’m definitely feeling the benefits – a massive power ski day on the mountains at the weekend with over a metre of fresh snow and I felt stronger than I’ve ever felt starting a season so was able to do some quite difficult steep off piste skiing.  And felt amazing afterwards, with hardly any aches.  

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Zoe to anyone thinking of trying Pilates.  I’m a total convert!


Fiona Atherton

Group mat work 2013


I had been seeking a good Pilates teacher for a long time. Zoe is conscientious, thorough, considerate and caring. you will not be disappointed.

Laura Miller

One to one client 2010-2015

I started pilates through curiosity and can honestly say I was extremely sceptical about the benefits that it may bring. 3 months on I have had many remarks on my weight loss. I’ve only actually lost a few pounds. It’s the toning of my body from the exercises and the correction in my body posture that has made an incredible difference! Thank you Zoe.

Alex Plumley         

One to One and Groups since 2013

After having 3 kids and in desperate need of some help putting my body back together, I started having one to one sessions with Zoe.  I had a hip problem from carrying the kids and was lacking in confidence and energy.  I’m now 3 years in with no hip issues, feeling physically strong and toned.  Zoe has been professional, caring, encouraging and has really pushed me to work really hard in her classes.

Julia Muncer

Group Mat Client 2011 - present

When I began I had a problem with my sacroiliac joint and if I lay flat, I was unable to get up unaided.  Zoe has worked carefully with me over the years and I can happily say, I can now sit up easily and manage a good strong Pilates class.  Zoe takes each of her clients issues into account when teaching and can offer alternative exercises if anyone has a particular medical issue. I love Zoe's approach to her classes.  She has a great sense of humour and makes the classes fun whilst encouraging you to challenge yourself. I look forward to Zoe's classes each week and would strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their posture and flexibility and is looking for a caring and professional Pilates teacher. 

Emma Reed

One to one client 2010 - 2012

My experience of doing pilates with Zoe has taught me that it is much more than a way of managing injuries and I now see pilates as an integral part of my fitness training.  I always come away from my pilates sessions feeling stretched and energised at the same time. It has certainly helped enormously with my back problems but the focussed work on my body has also improved my sports performance too.