My name is Zoe Fisher and I have been a teacher of the Pilates method since 2010. I first certified with Body Control Pilates in London and then deepened my knowledge by studying with BASI in 2015 (Body of Arts and Science International). Based in West Sussex, I invite people to learn Pilates with me at any level. Gain strength, walk tall, create better posture and generally improve their sense of well-being. Pilates has the power to take years off you from the inside out.

I am a dedicated student of the original methods of Joseph Pilates but I also have a passion for learning and exploring different approaches to movement. My most recent Clients have almost all been referred from physiotherapists and are therefore in need of rehabilitation of some kind. These programs often require a certain amount of 'lateral' exploration and a single minded approach isn't enough. As a result, my clinical reasoning and anatomical education is a continuing part of my work and i am extremely lucky to have this constant source of inspiration. I teach private sessions in a one to one or duet capacity and i also team with the brilliant Physiotherapists of Six Physio in Lindfield, West Sussex.